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Blocco Digitale: OneNote 2016 - App per creare note digitali - Office
Microsoft OneNote soddisfa le tue esigenze di blocchi appunti digitali. Con OneNote 2016, l'organizzazione e la collaborazione sono ancora più facili.
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Blocco Digitale:Free online tool to gather content on a single page
Gather texts, documents, links, videos, photos, presentations, RSS feeds and other stuff together on a personalized page
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Documentare: Ourboox | Create a Book - It's Simple, Free and Fun
Ourboox is a platform and community for social publishing. Reach out to the community, publish your book online and share it with the world.
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Book Creator - the simple way to create beautiful ebooks - Book Creator app
Book Creator is a simple tool to create ebooks on iPad, Chromebooks and on the web. Create a book and publish it to Apple's iBooks Store, or share it online with our built-in ePub reader. You can also share your book as a PDF and print it.
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Wakelet - The best way to share and collect content
Share articles, videos, images, tweets and other great content with one link. Save them for later and create collections, called wakes, at any time.
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Calendario dell'Avvento
Create personal & free online advent calendars with photos, voice messages and videos and share those with friends during the Christmas season.
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